Addiction – Causes, Types and its Treatment

addictionAddiction is something very common word that we hear in our life. Addiction is a word that is commonly used but its meaning is much deeper than we think. Addiction can be categorized as a complex disease, however, with a help of various researches a better understanding of the word ‘addiction’ is made. This research helps to understand what addiction is and how it works.

Addiction is a complex chronic brain condition, influenced by your genes and environment. In this, a person craves a particular substance or compulsive behavior. The whole behavior can cause physical pain along with psychological imbalance. As a person tends to execute that particular behavior at any cost, it makes a person difficult to adjust to the world. 

It often is identified as substance use and obsessive behavior which can be hazardous. In simple language, it can be the continuous intake of caffeine, alcohol or drugs, etc.  

People have several addictions like smoking, drinking and etc.

What are the two types of addiction?

Chemical addiction

It is an addiction in which people get addicted to using a particular substance.

Behavioral Addiction

In behavioral addiction, a person has compulsive behavior. Compulsive behavior is behavior that is repetitive and happens regularly. These behaviors are carried out without any specific benefit from the behavior.

What are the causes of addiction?

There are several reasons for the addiction. All the causes impact human beings' mental and physical health.

- It can be hereditary. If any other family member has an addiction then there is a higher probability of you having it too. 

- Another reason could be the antagonistic or adverse behavior of society. Like criticizing you at every step you take or unfriendly behavior by society, etc. 

- Social pressures are also vital reasons for the cause of addiction. Like getting full marks in exams, performing well in competitions, and making different standards of right behavior in society. 

- The use of substances also plays a crucial role. The more a person uses that particular substance, the more he/she gets addicted and vice-versa.

What types of addiction exist?


The most common type of addiction is alcohol. Alcohol involves the communicating pathways’ of the brain. It affects the working or functioning of the brain. It has a drastic impact on the liver and digestive systems.

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The most common addiction among youth is marijuana. It is very harmful to the body as it can lead to memory decline and sometimes cancer too.


Cocaine has a high amount of dopamine in it. It is a messenger in your body, into the brain which controls the pleasure of your body. The consumption of this drug can lead to a great amount of energy while overdose consumption can be fatal and life-threatening.


It is a compulsive behavior attached to unattended events/trauma in childhood or a toxic environment created by family, friends, or society. Regular gambling or gambling addiction can lead to major financial loss.


The highest amount of addiction is tobacco or nicotine. Daily consumption can lead to cancer.

What is the treatment for addiction?

There are several ways to treat addiction. Here are some ways- 


In detoxification, medically assisted detox helps in cleansing the body and getting rid of all addictive substances safely. This is helpful as sometimes substances the detoxification can lead to even life-risking physical symptoms. 

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However, this detoxification should be in combination with other treatments too like therapies which make it a perfect combination. 


These rehabilitation centers are set up to help people to get de-addicted of the substances, which aids you to rehabilitate yourself or recover from withdrawal symptoms with proper professional guidance. It helps in recovering the lost or diminished neurocognitive function.

Summing up

Some other types of treatments for addiction are- 

- Medical Help 

- 12- step facilitation

- CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

After reading this you can help yourself or your dear ones if they are going through any kind of addiction. Whosoever is going via this you should get professional aid as soon as possible before it turns to be a nightmare.

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