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6 Health Benefits of Pomegranates

Health Benefits of Pomegranates
An eminent red fruit in Indian families with a long history. You must have heard several reasons to eat pomegranates daily. However, it not only looks appetizing but also comes with millions of health benefits. They are small in size and look like water droplets.

They come from a deciduous shrub and its scientific name is Punica Granatum. These shrubs are found in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, the Mediterranean, and North Africa. It has a flower-shaped stem.

These have more than 100 phytochemicals that are highly beneficial for the human body. It has also been used as medicine for many centuries.

The fruit is sweet, thick, and has red skin. People who can’t eat pomegranates in a raw form can drink them in the form of juice.

Pomegranate has several benefits hidden in it. Some of them are mentioned below.

Some health benefits of consuming pomegranates

Several antioxidants are present in it

Pomegranates have more than twice or thrice the antioxidants present in them. They have vibrant red color due to due to the presence of polyphenols which is a powerful chemical.  

It is much more than the antioxidants present in green tea or red wine. These antioxidants work as a barrier to prevent cells from being damaged. They also prevent multiple diseases like heart disease, cancer and minimize inflammation.   

Prevents cancer

According to recent research, pomegranates help in stopping the growth of prostate cancer cells. Though there has been extensive research on this topic, the results are introductory. 

Similar goes with the prevention of cancer or reduction of risk of cancer due to consuming pomegranates. There are no definite results for it. This requires long-term research to be sure about the effect pomegranates can have on cancer.

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Lots of research is still being conducted to get be 100% sure about its benefits on cancer. 

Aids indigestion

Pomegranates can aid in improving digestion by reducing the inflammation in the gut. It can also work wonders for people suffering from ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and several inflammatory bowel problems. 

Helps with heart-related issues

Many doctors recommend pomegranate juice for a healthy heart. It is known to strengthen and protect the arteries and the heart. According to a few studies conducted on a small level, drinking pomegranate juice can improve blood flow. It also helps in preserving the arteries from becoming stiff and thick.

It can also aid in reducing the growth of cholesterol in the arteries and slows the buildup of plaque.

However, there are chances that it can work in a negative manner with BP (blood pressure) and cholesterol medications like statins

You should talk to the doctor before consuming pomegranates or taking them as a supplement.  

Have a high amount of Vitamin

Pomegranate has several vitamins in it; Vitamin K and Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It also has a good amount of folate and potassium. Consuming pomegranates daily either in a raw form or in a juice can help to gain the lots mentioned above.

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After reading that you must have an idea that consuming pomegranates can definitely be of no harm to you. 

Treats Diabetes

Few studies show results that people suffering from diabetes 2, who began to consume pomegranates, have shown positive results in insulin resistance and reduce blood pressure. The fruit was anciently used as a great remedy for treating diabetes in India and the Middle East. 


These are some of the vital advantages that people gain from eating or consuming pomegranates.

If you are not satisfied with these some more benefits are mentioned below-

- Aids with arthritis 

- Reduces blood pressure 

- Increases the performance of the sportsperson 

- Improves human memory 

- Anti-viral

After reading all these, you should immediately add pomegranates to your diet without losing even a minute.

Pomegranate can also help to purify the blood and aids in bringing a glow to your face and making your cheeks red.

Ways to consume pomegranates in your diet

- You can consume it as a salad

- You can garnish your dishes with pomegranates like Dahi Papdi or fruit chat, etc

- You can consume it as juice

- You can make a dipping sauce for it

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