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Healthy Vegetarian Tacos | CryptoFood

These meatless tacos will satisfy even the most adamant carnivores in your life. This vegetarian taco recipe emphasizes refried pinto beans, creamy avocado sauce, quick-pickled onions, and garnishes.

Every great taco holds the following qualities: something hearty (beans), something crisp (shredded cabbage), something creamy (avocado), something tangy (pickled onions and feta), and lots of fresh flavors. These tacos have offered those qualities.

These tacos are a joy to make when you have good company in the kitchen. Just allot the individual components (they are all so simple) and you will get dinner ready in no time. There are also some shortcuts in the recipe notes if you are in a rush.

You can easily take these ingredients and switch them into a burrito or burrito bowl (just add rice). They are tasty in any form.

Taco Recipe to Enjoy

Truly delicious vegetarian tacos featuring easy-to-make refried beans, quick-pickled onions, and creamy avocado sauce! Everyone in your family will love these meatless tacos. The recipe holds 8 hearty tacos (about 4 servings).

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Quick-pickled onions

Creamy avocado dip

Refried beans (mashed and cooked beans)

8 corn tortillas (flatbread)


Garnishes as per choice

Salsa verde(spicy green sauce)

Shredded red cabbage (for extra crunch)

Feta cheese

Chopped fresh coriander leaves

Lime wedges

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How to Prepare:

Prepare the pickled onions, avocado dip, and refried beans in the order.

Once they are ready, then warm the tortillas in a large pan over medium flame in batches, flipping it to warm each side. Place the warmed tortillas on a plate.

To assemble the tacos, spread salsa sauce, refried beans, capsicum, red cabbage, and feta cheese on the center of each tortilla.

Top with pickled onions, avocado dip, some coriander leaves. Complete the tacos with garnishes of your choice.

Serve it immediately.

Leftover components can be served separately, you can reheat the tortillas and beans before serving.

Also, the leftover pickled onions and avocado dip are best on quesadillas, nachos or tortilla chips, sandwiches, etc.


Want it GLUTEN FREE: Make sure to buy 100% corn/certified gluten-free tortillas.

Want it VEGAN: Skip the cheese.

Want to MAKE IT QUICK: You can, substitute store-bought refried beans and the other required sauces as per taste. And make the pickled onions and avocado dip in advance, so that the tacos come together more quickly.

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Q1 What is the difference between a taco and a burrito?

Ans A burrito is made from a wheat flour tortilla and a taco with a corn tortilla! None has rice in it!

Q2 Why are burritos better than tacos?

Ans Much prefer the burrito since it is a soft completely wrapped meal and much easier than a hard shell taco to eat.

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